We Positively Love Our Affiliates

At Fetch Organic, we think of our affiliates as partners. You can expect to be treated like we treat our own employees and customers - with respect and appreciation. That's a promise!

Subscription Orders
EARN 20% ON SIGNUP Refer a customer who signs up for a subscription, and earn 20% on that first order.
EARN 5% RECURRING Then earn 5% every time each subsequent order automatically ships (usually monthly).
Non-Subscription Orders
EARN 20% ON EVERY SALE No Subscription? No Problem! Earn 20% on every order.
Plus 2-Tier Commissions
EARN 5% ON FIRST ORDER Earn 5% on every subscription sign-up or non-subscription order generated by affiliates that you refer to our affiliate program.
EARN 1% RECURRING Then, if the first order was a subscription, earn 1% every time each subsequent order ships.

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Reasons to Join

Recurring Commissions (Lifetime Residuals)

Our customers (and their fur-babies) love us! That means they remain customers for a very long time through our Subscribe & Save program. That means you earn not only on the first sale, but every time we ship them their regular supply of Fetch Organic goodies. How is that for residual income? We told you... you're not just "affiliates" at Fetch Organic... you're our long-term partners in this business.

2-Tier Commissions

Just when you thought recurring commissions couldn't get any better. As our partners, we want you to help us spread the word about the Fetch Organic Affiliate Program. To show you how serious we are about that, we're going to pay you for orders generated by any affiliates you refer.

30 Day Cookies

We know that not all visitors you refer will buy on the first visit. No problem! Our tracking cookies will track orders for 30 days from first visit. So kick back and let us work our magic in getting your referred customers back to complete their purchases.

Monthly Payouts Via Paypal, ACH or Check

We can't wait to pay you and we make it super easy. Once you meet the minimum payout threshold of $50, your money is on the way via whatever method you select. Have a special payment request? No problem - talk to your dedicated Affiliate Manager and tell them what you need.

Dedicated Affiliate Team

As part of the Fetch Organic Affiliate Program, you will have access to our dedicated affiliate team. This team is comprised of individuals whose only job is to support our affiliates. You can count on them for technical support, marketing support and even emotional support! Remember - you're now our partners and we always take care of our own.

Make Money & Support Dog Charities

Making money is great, but there is so much more to the Fetch Organic Affiliate Program than just making money. Our company's mission is to "promote a happy, healthy life for our furry family members". Everything we do is with that mission in mind. Yes - as a Fetch Organic Affiliate you can (and will) make a lot of money, but you will also be doing a lot of good while making that money. With every single sale there is the potential to help a dog in need and to help the planet. Now... how good does that feel?

Products You'll Feel Good About Recommending

Fetch Organic is the source for the most convenient, all-natural pet supplements delivered right to your front door. We didn’t reinvent buying nutrition - we made it the way it’s supposed to be. Now that's something you can easily get behind!

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